Well their are millions of people who are using the internet for various purpose in india ,out of them 20 percent people Search to make money online.So here are the ways to make money .. Read on...

Basically their are two types to make money online :
  • Investing
  • Without investing
So if you are a novice in this business then definitely i don't recommend you to invest any money in internet biz and also i don't invest money as we can make money online for free.. So why simply invest our precious money online.

"Please dont invest any money online... If you think you have more money then always contact me..lol"

Anyway the question comes how can i make money for free,without any investment - So here is the trick - Just blog and blog

But how do i create a blog and will it work for me ?

Well their are hundreds of sites that provide free space to blog on.Some of the better known sites are :
And the list goes on... But which one shall i choose to make money?

Well i would definitely say you must opt for Blogger or Wordpress ... But if you are willing to have a simple blog then better go with blogger , it's really quite simple and easily customizable...Afterwards you can go for wordpress to make more money but its not suitable for beginner's and also for people who have less time to spend...

Just write what ever you think on blogger and have some advertising on your blog and you earn money.Don't worry i will be teaching you the basics to make real money and get huge amount of visitors to your site with no such effort.And also if you have doubt don't forget to contact me here so that i can clarify each and every doubt even if it sounds silly to anyone... but it won't sound silly to me !