Hi i am sidharth and i made this blog especially for indians to make money online with some knowledge from this vast internet..And this blog is meant especially for indians who search various ways to make money but end up with nothing...

                     I will be guiding you with the process of how to build your web site content and also i will be dealing with seo techniques and my personal opinion about the technology stuff...

      Some strong topics i would like to share with you are :
  • Make money online
  • Seo techniques
  • Blogging tricks
  • How to blog n earn
  • Generate traffic
  • Illustrative tutorial
  • Technology news
  • My personal opinions
And also i will be making this blog an interactive one just like amit's blog and i will teach the A B C of internet in a slow and study way.My mission is to hit atleast 1 lakh visitors within 1 year... And with perfect blogging this is really easy...

                     Lets see how much i  can impress you people!